3 Effective Tips for Summer Tree Care

3 Effective Tips for Summer Tree Care

Trees require more care in the summer season compared to any other season of the year. If you want your trees to be happier and healthier, it’s important to give proper attention to their maintenance and care routine,even if they appear completely healthy and green.

Here are three effective tips to keep your trees blooming during the hot summers.

Mulch Your Trees

It’s never too late to mulch your trees. Mulch is an organic material that protects your trees and nourishes their roots. It also prevents trees from getting damaged during the scorching heat.

However, an excessive amount of mulch—or spreading it out near the tree trunk—can have a negative impact on a tree’s growth. It can lead to excessive moisture in the roots that may result in pest infestations and wood decay. The correct way to mulch is to create a donut around the trunk, keeping a minimum distance of three to four inches. Don’t pile it up!

Water Your Trees According to Their Age and Requirements

Extreme weather conditions increase the water requirementsof your trees, depending on their age. New trees require deep watering at least three times a week after they’re planted, so their roots grow deeper into the ground.

Trees that are two years old require mulching and woodchips to fulfill their water needs. It’s better to water them for no more than thirty seconds to prevent the soil from getting soggy. Trees that are older than two years require deeper watering, but less frequently.

Conduct a Regular Pest Inspection

It’s important to keep a check on pestformation on your trees during the summer season. Typically, insects don’t have a harmful impact on trees; however, identifying problematic pest infestationsearly can give you sufficient time to get rid of them before they get to the roots.

To prevent the problem, closely inspect your trees every two weeks for holes, wounds, dripping sap, or dead branches. If a pest infestationis not taken care of in time, it can even spread out to other trees on your property.

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