4 Signs Your Tree Is Diseased

4 Signs Your Tree Is Diseased

Figuring out whether a tree is just diseased or completely dead is difficult. But doing so is important, because a dying tree in your backyard poses a security risk to both your property and surrounding lands, especially due to fall damage.

Natural pathogens and microorganisms in the environment mean that no living tree is ever disease-free. However, small infections are easy to fight off, allowing the tree to recover on its own. But in the case of a potentially fatal sickness, an arborist or a tree surgeon may need to step in to save the day.

Here are 4 signs that indicate a disease or dying tree.

Blotched Leaves

Anthracnose is a widely known tree disease that results in dead leaves on certain sections of a tree. Spores reproduce fungi that attack leaves, especially in wet weather and humid conditions.

Severe infections can result in defoliation, commonly known as loss of leaves. The exposure that defoliation causes can lead to other diseases if not contained within time.

Root Decay

Apart from keeping trees affixed in the ground, roots are responsible for providing nutrients and water to the whole tree. Root diseases not only starve the tree, but also weaken its structural integrity. Root decay is one of the most common reasons for tree falls.

The telltale signs of root decay are obvious, as they’ll either be broken or riddled with fungus.

Root diseases

Torn Bark

Attacking tree bark, fungal spores thrive in rainy weather by multiplying and reproducing. Any cuts and wounds in the tree bark are prone to developing a quick infection resulting in cracks and cankers. Also known as the chestnut blight, the fungus is incurable and has been responsible for killing over three billion chestnut trees in America alone.

Dead Wood

A lifeless tree can be spotted from a mile away, but just because it looks dead, it doesn’t mean that it is. Dry wood and limbs can easily break and fall off, rendering the tree dead. If you notice the tree suddenly losing all its green, consult an arborist.

Often, lack of nutrients, water, and sunlight are the main culprits, so by taking better care, you can save old trees. Trees are naturally adept at changing their position and structure for better growth but a tree trimming service can help them retain their health with minimal pruning.


Call a professional arborist even if a tree near you starts showing any of the above signs. After a consultation, you can figure out whether it’s time for removal or revival. Anyone looking for a reliable tree trimming and removal service can call us at Champion Tree Trimming Service and request our services.

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