Ideal Shade Trees to Adorn Your Garden With This Fall!

Ideal Shade Trees to Adorn Your Garden With This Fall!

Gardeners in Montana face a lot of challenges; fierce winds, scorching summers, brutal winters, droughts, and a lack of nutrients are just a few of the many. This is why they need to be very wise in the choice of trees they plant, so they’re hardy, fast-growing and low maintenance.

Let’s look at some of these options for this fall!

Evergreen Shades

The year-round foliage of evergreen trees holds great value among Montanans. Additionally, their aesthetic value makes them an ideal choice that lasts throughout the year.


Junipers, for instance, provide patio shade, as well as privacy to the occupants of your house. Additionally, they have very quick growth and thus, grow significantly within the season. They’re also very low maintenance, so you can just hand the job over to us and be free from any worries.

Norway Spruce

Norway spruce is a favorite of Montanans. They add very deep colors to your garden and are highly drought-tolerant. Their dense nature blocks wind, and allows for wildlife to thrive.

Deciduous Shades

While these shed their leaves in the fall, the beautiful orange and red hues add to their aesthetic appeal significantly.


Poplar trees, for instance, are also very fast-growing, and even thrive in soils with misbalanced pH and a soggy nature. These 50-feet-high specimens block out sunlight, and thus, lower your air conditioning costs.

Quaking Aspens

Quaking Aspens are also an outstanding choice with their yellow leaves and white bark. They have beautiful, heart-shaped leaves that tremble whenever there’s a breeze, thus the name. They are also very drought-tolerant and have stunning fall foliage to offer.

American Red Maple

These beauties have a deep green color during the spring and summer season, and turn amazingly red in autumn. They survive regardless of the water content in the soil. They also tend to grow quickly. They have to potential to grow up to sixty feet, and are ideal species to plant in Montana.

A great backyard may be your goal, but you might not have time to take care of it. That’s where we step in. Call us now and let us plant trees and take care of them at your place in Kalispell, MT.

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