Is Homeowners Insurance Inclusive of Tree Removal?

Is Homeowners Insurance Inclusive of Tree Removal?

Most people agree that trees are great assets for your home. But would you feel the same way if one fell and damaged your home or your neighbors’?

Removing a tree may sound ludicrous—especially considering how the planet’s health—but there are certain circumstances under which it becomes necessary.

But are tree removals covered by your home insurance policy? Can you file a claim for removing a hazardous tree from your property and get them to pay for damages as well?

Let’s find out:

Determine the health of the tree

In order to be able to file a claim, there needs to be proof that a tree removal is absolutely needed. So if you’re having a tree removed because you no longer want it or have other plans for your garden, your insurance company won’t be convinced.

Have the tree inspected by a professional so that there’s proof about the damage it has sustained. Diseased or hollow trees are much weaker and can topple over in storms or during a strong gust of wind, causing damage. Make sure your tree is established as a hazard before you do anything else.

Who’s responsible for tree removal before and after it falls?

Distressed trees

distressed tree

You’ll have to pay for the removal of a distressed tree from your property. If not, you’ll be liable for any damage caused since you’re expected to maintain your property. Have diseased and hollow trees removed from your property immediately. Any damaged caused by a fallen distressed tree will, otherwise, have to come out of your pocket.

Healthy trees

You may want to remove your healthy tree from your property for a number of reasons like you have landscaping plans for your backyard; it’s grown too big, etc.  Insurance won’t cover any such costs, mainly because tree removal in such cases is a choice, not a last resort.

However, if a healthy tree topples over, or a huge branch snaps off during a violent storm, things are different. The damage caused to your home as well as the cost of tree removal will be covered by insurance.

Your insurance policy can also pay for tree removal when it blocks your driveway or wheelchair ramp. You need to check with your insurance company, certain companies restrict the payouts for tree removal.

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