Not Removing Tree Stumps: What It Could Mean

Not Removing Tree Stumps: What It Could Mean

When you hire a tree trimming and removal company, they usually offer stump removals as an extra service. The decision to keep or remove a tree stump may be influenced by a number of factors, such as extra costs or the possibility of regeneration.

But before you decide against stump grinding, let’s talk about a few disadvantages of keeping a tree stump in your backyard.


A stump that’s sitting in the middle of an otherwise well-kept lawn ruins the overall appearance. Apart from its impact on the landscape, your house’s curb appeal can also take a hit, especially if you plan on selling or renting it out soon.


Tree stumps—when left grounded—result in the resprouting and unwanted growth of roots that absorb nutrients from the soil. Unnecessary root growth also negatively affects the environment, sidewalks, and surrounding property.


Your tidy lawn will attract pests and other insects if there’s a stump nearby. From ants nesting in it to termites and wood borers finding a permanent home, you’re opening your home up to a hornet’s nest—maybe even literally!


A stump invites infections and sickness that can directly affect your other plants. Fungus and spores can easily spread via wind and rain, exposing adjacent grass, plants, and trees to potentially deadly diseases like anthracnose and defoliation.

Safety Hazard

If you have children or pets around, the risk of tripping and falling by bumping into the tree stump go up significantly. Avoid emergency trips to the hospital and protect yourself as well as your loved ones by getting it removed.

tree stump

If anyone who visits your house sustains a bruise or fracture due to the stump, you might even be held liable for injuries and the resulting costs.

Apart from the safety risk, it can also get pretty difficult to mow the lawn and maintain the landscaping. The cons of keeping a stump will almost always outweigh the costs of removal. Find a reliable and experienced arborist with the right knowledge and certification to get that stump grinded in no time.

Luckily, Montana residents can request the services of our experienced team at Champion Tree Trimming Service. We possess more than three decades of knowledge on stump grinding, tree removal, hedge trimming, and professional tree care.

We serve Columbia Falls, Woods Bay, Kalispell and most other Montana cities.

Pro Tip: Don’t try to remove the stump by yourself even if you have a stump grinder and the rest of the needed equipment—especially in the case of large trees. Stump grinding can be extremely dangerous and needs a skilled person who won’t destroy underground pipes or surrounding structures on your property.

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