Prepare Your Trees For Summer

Prepare Your Trees For Summer

Summertime is for having fun with friends and family and enjoying the warm sunshine. But it’s also the best season for ensuring that all the plants in your backyard are in perfect condition.

Other than providing shade during the scorching summer, trees give your kids the opportunity to climb them or even build tree houses. Plus, having a lot of trees means you’re playing a part in saving the planet. Having trees on your property is also known to increase its value.

Here’s how you can prepare your trees for summer:

Inspect them thoroughly

Trees are prone to diseases that cause decay. Anthracnose is a common variety that attacks trees. Look for brown spots of dead bark on the trunk of the tree. Anthracnose generally attacks during early spring or late summer.

Tree diseases often weaken the structure and make it risky to have them near your home. Trees can also begin to decay and hollow out due to age. If you notice squirrels disappearing into the trunk of the tree, it’s most likely hollow. Hollow trees are a hazard that can be toppled over during a strong breeze.


Hot weather can cause soil to dry out significantly. Your trees won’t be getting enough water in the summer as a result. Make sure you’re watering the trees sufficiently. The soil around it should be saturated by the time you’re done. Water the tree again once the roots begin to dry out. In case you’re unsure of how much water is going into the soil, use a soil probe to determine the saturation level.

Prepare trees for summer storms

Strong winds

Strong winds during a storm can topple trees, weaken their roots, cause branches to snap off, etc. Heavy rainfall can cause soil erosion as well which affects the growth of the tree once the storm has subsided. Signs to look out for are: loose soil, trees growing in clusters, trees close to roads and driveways.

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