Excavator services can include fire mitigation, and land clearing among other things. For our purposes here our focus will be primarily on land clearing.

Land clearing is not the same thing as landscaping since it is merely a part of, and preparation for landscaping. Thus landscaping is more appropriately referred to as the final or finished product.

In addition to preparation for landscaping, land clearing also involves using the excavator to prepare property for construction of new buildings. Therefore while fire mitigation merely involves thinning out trees, land clearing may involve removal of all the trees in a given area.


Thus excavator services for land clearing not only involves tree removal, but removal of stumps, and rocks both large and small. Actually the excavator can be used to push the trees over as opposed to cutting them down with a chain saw. This removes the entire tree including the root ball dislodging it from the ground, unless the ground is frozen which result in the tree just being snapped off. Therefore this work is best accomplished in spring, summer, or fall as opposed to winter.

The root balls can be cut off and the remaining poles and logs can be sold to a lumber mill to recover some of your costs. Similarly rocks can be moved to certain sections of the property to be used for other purposes such as artistry, or building. Tree limbs that are cut off logs can be chipped for mulch or landscaping. Stumps, and whatever rocks, limbs, or chips that are unwanted can be hauled off with a dump truck.

Another excavator service we offer is what we call structural building demolition. Existing buildings may be unwanted, and property owners may want them replaced with new buildings, or may want them removed for other purposes. Like in the case of trees, and rocks some of this dismantled building material can be salvaged, or loaded into a dump truck for disposal.

We seek to offer these excavator services to real estate offices, insurance companies, construction companies, and individual property owners.

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