Tree removal can be done at any time of the year. There can be several reasons for wanting to remove trees. The tree can be a danger to people or a structure, such as falling on a house. The tree can be unsightly, or the property owner may want to plant something else in its place. Plenty of homeowners I’ve talked to are just plain tired of raking up leaves and needles from a tree. The tree, of course, can be dead also.

Another reason for removing trees is that there may be too many of them growing too thick in a given area. Thus, they need to be thinned out. This forest thinning procedure can also serve to fire-safe property. It can involve small logging work. We have equipment for such work, such as grapple attachments, a log skidder, and more. Therefore, we can adequately provide you with these services.


We can remove one tree, just a few trees, or a lot of trees. Our first course of action is to cut the tree down by falling it all at once, by making a cut close to ground level. However, there may not be adequate room to do this if it can’t be done safely without damaging property. In that case, we need to get higher and take it down in more manageable sized pieces. We prefer to do this with a boom truck, if we can get one in there, and if it is otherwise feasible. If not, then we need to climb the tree. We have 2 boom trucks and a crew of experienced tree climbers to accomplish these tasks.

Tree removal may seem like more work than tree trimming, since there is more material to be cut. Tree trimming can be just as much work, however, because it is a selective decision-making process that involves more carefully made cuts to determine what should remain of the tree. Nevertheless, the tree removal is still a lot of work depending on what you want us to do with the cut material when we have it down on the ground.

If you take care of the cut material yourself, it’ll be cheaper total for you. However, it is a lot of work, and you often need to have the necessary equipment to do so. This is why we charge more if we do it. It often has to be hauled to the dump. In any case, the cut material is in our possession now and becomes our responsibility. It often involves a great deal of weight.

We have equipment for such disposal. We have a wood chipper to chip the brush to haul away chips for you. These chips can also be lifted off your property if you request that. Customers often want the heavier wood for firewood, or to sell to a lumber mill. We can cut this heavier wood to these measurements for you. If not, we have dump trailers to haul it off at a higher cost.