When is it Time to Cut Down Your Tree?

When is it Time to Cut Down Your Tree?

It’s always heart-wrenching to cut down a tree, especially when you’ve invested blood, sweat and tears into growing it. But sometimes, it’s the need of the hour to cut them in order to avoid damage.

According to a Research Ecologist, Lara Roman, the average life span of a tree is 19 to 28 years, depending on its species. But not all trees are able to complete their life cycle. When a tree is damaged or decayed, it needs to be taken down to protect yourselfand your property from the potential threat of a leaning dead tree.

It’s often tricky to tell whether or not. Here are some signs that indicate a tree needs to be removed from your vicinity.

Overhanging Branches:

One of the most evident signs that a tree is becoming more of a threat than a blessing for your property, is overhanging branches. These branches aren’t only dangerous for your property but may also affect your neighbors in case of a severe storm. This can also result in boundary disputes if the branches are too long and hang over your neighbor’s yard.

In such a case, it’s your responsibility to maintain the tree if the trunk lies in your property. If the branches aren’t too long and can be managed by trimming, you can avoid cutting the whole thing down.

Infected Trunk:

Another reason why a tree can be harmful is if it’s diseased. If ignored for too long, or if left undetected, there’s often no other way to deal with the issue but to cut the tree down.

Usually, a bacteria or a virus infects a tree leading to a rotten trunk or a gray powdery growth on your tree. Another reason for an infected trunk can be pest attacks. This weakens the core of your tree and leaves it prone to damage upon impact.

It’s therefore advised to get rid of diseased trees ASAP. Such a tree can fall on your property and cause massive damage. It may fall into a parked car or hurt a passerby.

Root Invasion:

Most tree roots grow vertically penetrating deep in the ground. Others grow horizontally. This often leads to problems as the tree roots begin to penetrate into sewage pipes in search of water and other nutrients.


These roots can grow up to seven times the actual height of your tree, wreakinghavoc underneath your house. If this is the case with your ages-old tree, it’s better to get it removed by a certified arborist as soon as possible.

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